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Hi, my name is Sophie, I am from Austria and I spent six months volunteering at BJMK. After graduating school in June 2018, I wanted to take a study-break and spend some time abroad getting to know another culture and country and bordering my horizon.
During my European Voluntary Service at BJMK I had a lot of different tasks. I organized movie nights, scanned books, assembled drum sets and transported sound equipment. Moreover, I faced some challenges I gained a lot of new skills from. For instance, I helped with sound engineering, soldered cables and edited videos I recorded. So, I entered completely uncharted waters and through those experiences I definitely grew as a human being!
Furthermore, I got to know a lot of other young Europeans I could exchange my thoughts and experiences with. Additionally, EVS is a great opportunity to improve one´s language skills, not only with other volunteers but also at the work place.
Beyond that, my roommate Hannah and I traveled to some neighboring countries as we wanted to use the time we had properly visiting a lot of different places in Europe. I definitely don´t regret that I´ve chosen to volunteer at BJMK as it offered me a variety of tasks and challenges. Without any doubt I can highly recommend the European Voluntary Service to everyone who wants to grow beyond one´s boundaries and gain new skills – it´s definitely an unforgettable experience!