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I had another year abroad or in another country which was very important to me concerning music.

But this year in BJMK with all its facettes gave me a lot more opportunity musically, personally and professionally. Only here I organized my own 2 hour concert with something like 15 excellent musicians. This would not be possible in any other project or to this extend. BJMK gives the perfect conditions: Professional Equipment, Time, Opportunity, Musicians, and even Artists who made the promotion of my concert. I’m really thankful for all this support.

Šis projekts tika finansēts ar Eiropas komisijas atbalstu. Šī publikācija [paziņojums] atspoguļo vienīgi autora uzskatus, un Komisijai nevar uzlikt atbildību par tajā ietvērtās informācijas jebkuru iespējamo izlietojumu.