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Sveiki, my name is Leon and I’m from Austria. I have started my EVS year at the beginning of September. I had no Idea what I could expect from that country, project or year. As I’ve talked to other volunteers, I realized, that I probably got by far the best project in the program. I was fully free in what I was doing and Endijs and Zane trusted me. After a while there wasn’t so much work left to do in the actual school building, so I startet to empty out and clean the future school building. That maybe sounds like not so much to do, but it was. I also helped Endijs with many concerts, as I worked as an event technician before. The mixing of the final concerts for the BJMK 2018 was done by me, what was a real challenge. To sum up my last year I can say that I had never expected to live in the baltic states, but It was a real adventure and I’m glad that I got that opportunity.