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Hi, my Name is Hannah and I have spent 6 months living in Jelgava together with my friend Sophie. During this time I have worked as a volunteer at BJMK and gathered many new experiences.

I am from Austria and after my gradutaion, I wanted to live some time abroad before going to university. Since a goal of mine has always been to one day travel the Baltic countries, Latvia seemed like the perfect place to spend my EVS.

While working for BJMK, I have not had one fixed job, but was able to fulfill many different tasks. Hence, no day was like the previous one and you were often faced with a new challenge to complete. Some of those assignments have been organising movie nights, soldering cables, scanning and organizing sheet notes, transporting sound equipment and music instruments as well as doing office shifts.

I chose to spend my European Voluntary Service at BJMK since music has been a passion of mine since I was little. Now looking back, I could not have picked a better place to spend those six months. It definitely has had a great impact on my life, thanks to all the amazing people I met as well as all those unforgettable experiences and new skills that I gained. I am really grateful for everything I experienced in Latvia!